About us
The main aim of the "International network for school gardens - education for sustainable development" project is the initiation and promotion of cooperation amongst schools with school gardens.
For the first project phase, we found schools from cities which, lying in different climatic zones, represent both the north and the south. Thus, an international forum for the exchange of experience and information amongst schools with school gardens is created, offering pupils and teachers special possibilities, chances and challenges.
Apart from crop farming, ecology and biodiversity, special emphasis could be placed on holistic aspects of sustainable development, global learning and the north south dialogue. Agenda 21 topics and the results of the world summits for sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro and Johannesburg form an important basis for recognizing the global connections between ways of life and production as well as for developing visions according to the principles of sustainability. Chapter 25 of the Agenda 21 stresses the role of young people and their active inclusion in environmental protection and the promotion of economic and social development. Cooperation between pupils and the local Agenda 21 committees as well as city administrations integrates these young people into the local and regional discussion on sustainability.